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Tip is a common concept for complementing the services that you receive. Even though you can tip any random price but the use of tip calculator for calculating the amount of money to give as tip is trending as well. How much you tip also depends on the service cost as well.

A tip, also called as gratuity, is the extra payment that you make to the workers at a particular service for actually performing their service. Though not widely expected in all over the world, the concept of tip is quite widespread in the US and also in Canada. This is most common in restaurants. The Federal law of United States lets employers to simply include tips in compensation when it comes to satisfying the required minimum wage condition.

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Tip Calculator - Calculatorall.com
What Is A Circle?

If you want to find out the typical tip amounts, here they are. The tip for bartenders and restaurants is usually between 15 to 20 percent. It's the same on food delivery as well but depends on total price and distance. For hotel room service, it is normally included in price but if it is not then it's 15-20 percent as well.

For hotel house keeping it is not expected, but can be $1-$2 per night for each person. It is also not expected for mechanic and automotive services, and can be few dollars based on total price if at all needed. When it comes to appliance, furniture or mover delivery or handyman, plumber, cleaner, electrician or various similar home services, it can be $5, $10 or $20 based on amount. But it is not expected here either. For barber, hairstylists, and massages, the tip can be 10-20 percent. Limo or Taxi drivers can be tipped 15 to 20 percent.

Whatever the percentage be, you will need tip calculator to get the exact amount you need to tip quickly.

How It Works?

The tip calculator here gives you two options. One is quick calculator while the other is full tip calculator. You can use any of the two as needed.

The quick calculator requires you to enter the cost of the service only and as you hit the calculate button it will calculate the tip amount with different tip percentages automatically. The table also shows total amount that you need to pay as well.

The full calculator, on the other hand, requires you to enter the bill amount, the tip percentage that you have to pay and the number of people to whom the service was provided. As you click the calculate button, you get total tip amount and the total bill including the tip amount that you have to pay.

So, use any of the two calculators as you may need. Find out easily exactly what you need to tip and what will be the total amount that you'll have to pay.

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