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Here is our circle calculator that can be used for the calculation of all the common mathematical values related to circle. Commonly a circle has a radius, diameter, circumference and an area. With our circle calculator you have the provide the value of any of these and as a result you will be able to get the calculations for all the rest.

What Is A Circle?

Symbolically, a circle might be a representation of quite a few different things for quite a few different groups including concepts like timelessness, eternity, and totality. However, the definition of a circle says it's just a closed shape. It, basically, combines all the points in the plane that are at equal distances from any certain point which is known as the center of the circle.

You can also define a circle as curve that is traced by the point and distance from any given point doesn't change with the movement in the point. The distance that has to be traveled from center of the circle to any point on the circle is known as radius. Largest distance of any two given points on the circle is called as diameter of the circle. The relationship between the radius and the diameter of the circle is such that if you double the radius of the circle it equals its diameter. If you talk about the circumference of the circle, it is essentially the distance that you travel around a given circle. Or, you can say that it is a circuit's length that goes along a given circle.

All of the values that are described above are actually related using a mathematical constant known as pi, or ∏, which is actually the ratio between circumference of the circle and its diameter.

Circle Calculator -

How Our Circle Calculator Works?

So, if you have decided to calculate different values related to a circle that are described above as well, you can use our circle calculator to great effect. All you need to know is a single value out of radius, diameter, circumference and area of a given circle. Our calculator will perform the calculations and give you the results for all the rest of these values. For instance, if you know the radius of a circle only, you can enter its value in the given field and then select the unit from the dropdown list as Radius (Meter). Just hit the calculate button then and all the calculations will be performed automatically to give you the results for circumference, diameter and area of the circle whose radius you had entered.
So, use our circle calculator and calculate whichever circle-related values you want.

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