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Horsepower is simply used to measure power. You can use the horsepower calculator for calculating horsepower according to its definition and can also convert horsepower between various power units. One important thing to mention here is that it's not recognized with SI units.

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Horsepower Calculator -
Horsepower Definition

Horsepower is defined differently in different geographical regions. Let's take a look at some of the definitions for horsepower that are used commonly.

. Mechanical horsepower is 550 foot-pounds/second, almost 745.7 watts
. Electrical horsepower, 746 watts
. Boiler horsepower is 34.5 pounds water evaporating per hour while the temperature remains at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, almost 9809.5 watts
. Metric horsepower is 75 kgf-m/second, almost 735.499 watts
But what exactly is horsepower? What exactly is the meaning of horsepower rating when it comes to performance? Let's find out!

Horsepower is the term that was first invented by James Watt. He was once working with the ponies lifting some coal at coal mine. He was looking to find out a way for talking about the power each of these animals could produce. According to him, an average mine pony would perform 22000 foot-pounds work within a minute. After that he increased the number by 50% measured horsepower at 33000 foot-pounds work done in a minute. That's the number which has been coming along for centuries and is now used for describing the power of your car, chain saw, lawn mower, and even the vacuum cleaner.

So, let's try to put it this way, according to Watt, a horse can perform 33000 foot-pounds work in every minute. Now, just imagine horses raising coal from coal mine. A horse that exerts 1 horsepower would be able to raise around 330 lbs of coal at 100 ft in one minute. Or, it can raise 33 lbs of coal at 1000 ft in one minute. Or, it can raise 1000 lbs of coal at 33 ft in a minute. So, the values could be used in whatever combination you like between pounds and feet while keeping their product at 33000 ft-pounds in a minute. That's called horsepower.

How This Horsepower Calculator Works?

The horsepower calculator here requires you to enter three different values i.e. total amount of force, distance and force per time. You have to enter the values, select appropriate units for each and hit the calculate button. The calculator will give you the resultant horsepower in watts.

There is also a horsepower converter that takes one type of horsepower value and converts it into the other. You just have to provide the number with the unit you want to convert it from and the unit to which it has to be converted. The calculator shows you the result accordingly.

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