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This body mass index calculator can help you calculate the BMI value as well as the corresponding status of weight with respect to age. There are two options for units i.e. 'US Unit' and Metric Unit' and you can use whichever is convenient for you.

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What Is BMI?

BMI is actually used for measuring corpulence or leanness of the person depending on their weight and height. It is used for the quantification of tissue mass. Even though there are limitations to BMI in the fact that it can’t consider body composition, you can consider it general indicator for healthy body weight depending on the height of the person. The BMI value is used widely for categorizing people into different categories like underweight, overweight, normal weight, or obese according to the range in which their BMI value falls. The BMI ranges can vary according to different factors like age and region and at times there is sub-categorization like severely obese or severely underweight. However, because of so many different types of bodies out there and distribution of bone mass, muscle, and fat, one should consider BMI in relation to various other measurements to get the most accurate results.

Body Mass Index Calculator -

BMI Formula

Here is how BMI is calculated in SI and US system using a person with 5'10" height and 160-pound weight for the example:

USC Units:
BMI = 703* mass (lbs) / height2 (in) = 703* 160 / 702 = 22.96 kg / m2
SI, Metric Units:
BMI =  mass (lbs) / height2 (in) = 72.57 / 1.782 = 22.90 kg / m2

How To Use This Body Mass Index Calculator?

The body mass index calculator here requires several input values for calculating the result accurately. There are both US and Metric unit options and you can select any of the two according to the information available to you or whatever you are comfortable with. Next, you have to enter your age and weight and select your gender from the two options. Enter your height and click the "Are You Overweight?" button.

The result will tell you exactly what your BMI is and what range it falls in. It also shows you the recommended range in which your BMI should fall and also tells you exactly how much you should weigh in order to be within that recommended range according to the height you have.

So, use this body mass index calculator in order to find out about your bodily health and keep yourself fit. Use it regularly to keep track of where your fitness is going.

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