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This ovulation calculator is used for estimating the date of ovulation and the due date accordingly if your pregnancy is based around normal biological cycles. However, it's never recommended that you avoid pregnancies depending on the ovulation calculation.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:

Ovulation Calculator - Calculatorall.com
What Is Ovulation?

It is, basically, a process of rupturing of mature ovarian follicles as a result of which one or few eggs are discharged in the menstrual cycle of a female. The brain actually controls the process by releasing luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. If the sperm has fertilized the egg, it might implant 6-12 days later and that's the point when pregnancy starts.

Average time for ovulation tends to be 14 days prior to 1st day of the next period. But keep in mind that it is possible for the ovulation day to vary from woman to woman. So, only the cycle length may not be a very reliable indicator for the ovulation day. Ovulation tests tend to be more accurate and their accuracy rate is around 99%. Besides, you can buy them without even a prescription.

Usually, the ovulation test kits available measure LH level inside the urine of a woman. The surge of LH levels, also referred as "positive result", is actually an indicator of onset of the ovulation and fertilization windows that occur in following 3 days.

How This Ovulation Calculator Works?

The working of this ovulation calculator is pretty simple and you don't really need to provide host of values to get the result. However, the result is quite informative and you can get all the necessary information about your ovulation.

The calculator requires you to select a date that is the first day of previous menstrual period you had. After that, you have to enter the number of days that you usually have in your regular period. The default value in the calculator here is 28 but you can change that and select any value from 20 to 45 from the given list.

Once you have entered both these values, just hit the calculate button and the ovulation calculator will show you the results right away. What's in the results? Well, you get a whole table that shows you the Ovulation window and the most probably date of ovulation. Besides, there is estimated due date that you can consider if you’re pregnant. Also, the calculator doesn't just show you the results for the current month that you have entered in the date field but it actually shows the dates for each of the three measures given above for 6 months.

So, if you want to be knowledgeable about your ovulation and the expected due date in case of pregnancy, you can use this ovulation calculator without any doubts. In fact, it is quite useful to learn about your ovulation and the days when you are most fertile in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Just take advantage of this calculator here and know when your ovulation starts!

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