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The square footage calculator is what you need for estimating square footage for any house or a lot. It is important that you know the shape of your property to calculate the results accurately using right calculator. In case of complex shapes, you should be able to cut it down into some simple shapes and sum up the results for all the simple shapes to get total square footage.


Length: feet inches
Edge: feet inches
Cost: $ per square foot

Triangle 1

Edge 1: feet inches
Edge 2: feet inches
Edge 3: feet inches
Cost: $ per square foot

Triangle 2

Base: feet inches
Height: feet inches
Cost: $ per square foot


Top: feet inches
Bottom: feet inches
Height: feet inches
Cost: $ per square foot


Radius: feet inches
Cost: $ per square foot

Important Units

1 acre = 43,560 square foot
1 square yard = 9 square foot
1 square meter = 10.76 square foot
1 square inch = 0.00064516 square foot

Square Footage Calculator - Calculatorall.Com

Calculating Costs Per Sq. Foot

If you're building a house, or flooring it up, or just want to calculate the costs you'll incur for painting it, you'll need square footage calculator to calculate square footage and determine the costs

Painting Costs

Professional painters usually quote a price according to square footage of the property they have to paint. If it's a DIY project, knowing square footage will help you determine the amount of paint that will be needed.

One gallon primer usually covers an area of 330 sq. ft. while one gallon of regular paint can cover around 350 sq. ft. So, you can easily calculate the painting costs according to the prices which could be anywhere between $15 and $60 for each gallon. Also account for other materials like turpentine and brushes in the painting costs

Flooring Costs

The flooring costs tend to vary according to your choice and quality of the materials. If you talk about hardwood flooring, it's naturally enduring. It costs you around $3-$8 per sq. ft. If you want to choose some of the most exotic varieties, they'll be more expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere around $5-$12 per sq. ft. for getting it professionally installed.

Another option is engineered wood which has real wood on the outside that is backed by cheaper plywood layers. It makes your flooring increasingly stable and far less susceptible for temperature & humidity changes as compared to hardwood. Prices are also comparatively cheaper.

There are other options available as well like bamboo and laminate flooring. They have their own benefits and prices are not too different. Installation costs may differ significantly, however.

How Square Footage Calculator Works?

This square footage calculator allows you to calculate square footage for different shapes and also tells you the total cost that you will incur per square foot for different projects.

First there is rectangle shape for which you will have to enter values for length, edge and cost per sq. ft. Then there are two calculators for triangle shape. The first one requires you to enter measurements for all the three edges along with cost per sq. ft. The second one requires you to provide base and height measurements along with cost per sq. ft. The next calculator is for trapezoid in which you have to enter top, bottom and height values alongside cost per sq. ft. Finally, you have circle shape which requires you to only enter the radius and cost per sq. ft. to perform the calculations.

All these calculators calculate square footage and the total cost of your project according to the cost per sq. ft. that you have provided. Overall, this square footage calculator is quite a handy one and can have several useful applications.

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