Refinance Calculator -

This refinance calculator can be used effectively for planning your loan's refinancing with different options and considers everything from refinance cost, points and probable cash out amount. The refinance calculator compares monthly payments, interest, total payment, and lets you to view both the refinanced loan and the existing loan side-by-side.

Current Loan
Original Amount of Current Loan 
Loan Termyears
Interest Rate%
Time Remainingyears months
New Loan
New Loan Termyears months
Interest Rate%
Pointsupfront payment percentage
Cash Out and Cost
Cash Out Amountnegative value acceptable

Refinance Calculator -

How Loan Refinancing Works?

For refinancing loans, you have to grab another loan and use it for paying off your old loan. It goes without saying that new loan must come with better terms as compared to your previous loan. If there was some collateral involved in your previous loan then that can be used for new loan as well. At times, borrowers tend to borrow a bit extra when refinancing for taking some of the equity out from the asset. This type of setting is referred to as cash out refinancing. A refinance calculator can be helpful in comparing the two loans so that you can get some insights into the loans and tell which of them is better.

When refinancing, it is also possible to get a different kind of loan. It, for instance, helps in situations when you want to move to fixed-rate loans from variable-rate ones.

When refinancing, you should consider all the extras and a good refinance calculator can help you do just that. Sometimes, there are fees involved due to which refinancing may not be a worthwhile option. So, it is advised that you should do a careful comparison of your refinancing loan with the previous one and take a close look at full costs. Always watch out for any prepayment penalties which are common with the car loans. There are many who refinance their car loans for increasing their loan's length so that size of their monthly payments can be reduced. However, there should be a realization that it can increase costs of their loans as they will be paying more interest. So, it is advised to use refinance calculator and find out how it works.

However, no matter what type of loan you want to refinance, there can always be some good reasons for refinancing. One of them can be that there might be a sharp decline in the interest rates. If your loan was sanctioned at a time when generally the interest rates used to be higher, and ever since they have lowered down, it will be quite possible for you to get a better deal with different lender depending on lower rates. At times, even same lenders can get into such deals as they know that otherwise you will go to someone else. Another reason to refinance could be that you might have improved your credit rating over time and would be entitled to better rates. There will be quite a few better deals that you can get. You might’ve corrected the errors reflecting in your credit report, or you must have taken careful steps as far as your credit is concerned so that some improvement could be there.

When you are considering refinancing your loan, it is always advisable that you should shop around and look for the best deals available. You can use this refinance calculator for comparing different options as well. Besides, have a conversation with different lenders and try to get the most favorable terms. Keep it in mind that as soon as you sign the refinancing deal, you will be obligated to continue with it until it ends. So, ensure that you’re making a right choice.

How This Refinance Calculator Works?

The refinance calculator here requires you to enter some variables related to your current loan, the new loan and the cash out and cost values. For current loan, you have to provide details like original loan amount, interest rate, loan term and the remaining time of the loan term. For new loan, you have to enter term of the loan, rate of interest, and points for upfront payment percentage. Finally, enter cash out and cost values and then hit the calculate button to continue.

The results shown by refinance calculator will have monthly savings and life time savings for your new loan. Besides, it also shows you the upfront costs that you will have to bear and the breakeven point for the two loans.

In the end, there's a tabular representation of comparison of the two loans shown side by side. The difference in the two loans is also specified as well.

So, use this refinance calculator and find out if you can get a better deal to refinance your current loan.

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