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Ratios define quantitative relationships that exist between any two numbers. These relationships describe exactly how many times a value can contain the other. The applications of this mathematical concept never go obsolete. A simplest example to demonstrate this concept would be giving a child twice as many candies as her brother. Here the ratio that exists is 2:1 describing the girl has got that much more than her brother. This ratio calculator helps you to deal with such concepts fairly easily and calculates the rations without getting into complicated calculations.

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Ratio Scaling Calculator

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Just as mentioned in the above example, a colon is used between two numbers for expressing ration. However, you can also write them as “1 to 2” or 1/2 in fraction form. Ratios usually represent numbers which should be multiplied by denominator for giving numerator as a result.
There are quite a few routine applications of ratios such as aspect ratios of screens, in baking & cooking, describing models and maps as scaled down editions of the original size, for describing rates like in finance, etc. For instance, if someone is looking to prepare 5 cakes and each of them needs to have 1:2:3 of butter sugar and flour respectively they can easily determine how much of these items will be needed for the desired number of cakes given that ratio. If you increase that ration 5 times, you will have 5:10:15 and you can multiply this with actual amounts of all the respective items that will be used in cake recipe.

Aspect Rations & Screen Sizes

Another application of rations for which this ratio calculator can be used is aspect ratio of any geometric shape in various dimensions. Consider a rectangle, for instance, its aspect ratio comprise of width to height ratio. One of most common use of the aspect ratios is in the dimensions of computer screens, video sizes and the phone screens.

Ratio Calculator - Calculatorall.com
How It Works

Talking about this ratio calculator, it can be used in a couple of ways. First is to calculate the corresponding numbers according to a given ratio. For that, you have to provide 3 values and the 4th one will be calculated automatically by using the values that you have provided.
The second option is to use ratio scaling calculator. You have to enter any particular ration, select whether you want to shrink that or enlarge that and then give a particular number by which you'd want to implement the shrink or enlarge action. As a result, you will get the shrunk or enlarged ratio as you had asked for.

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