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Our percentage calculator can be used for calculating different types of percentage values. Whether you want to calculate simple percentage, the percentage difference, or the percentage change, you can simply rely on our calculator for all.
Percentage is, basically, a ratio or number that is used for representing fraction of 100. "%" is the symbol that is used for denoting percentages. When you say 40 percent, it means 0.40 or

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Percentage Calculator -
The Percentage Formula

Even though there can be different forms in which we can write the formula for percentage, the equation involves three values.
P * V1 = V2
Here P is percentage, V1 refers to the value who percentage has to be found, and V2 refers to the resultant value. Our percentage calculator converts percentage input into decimal fraction automatically and gives you the solution. But if you want to know the percentage, like in case of percentage calculation in the common phrases, returned value will be actual percentage and not the decimal representation.

The Percentage Difference

Even though there can be different forms in which we can write the formula for percentage, the equation involves three values. Percentage difference of two values can be calculated by dividing absolute value for difference of two numbers by their average and then multiplying the resultant value with 100. The result obtained will be in percentage as our percentage difference calculator shows.

Percentage Increase/Decrease Calculator

This percentage calculation of ours is used for calculating the value after increasing or decreasing a number by a given percentage. The calculation here involves converting given percentage into the decimal fraction and then adding or subtracting the decimal to or from 1. Original number is then multiplied by the resultant to get the increase/decrease value as per the given percentage

Percentage Calculator In Common Phrases

This one is quite a handy calculator that allows you to calculate percentages in common phrases. For instance, you can calculate a particular percentage of a given number. You can also calculate what percentage any given number is of the second number. It also allows you to find out the number whose given percentage and the resultant value is already known to you.
In every percentage calculation given here, you have to enter two values in the given fields as asked and just hit the calculate button. The result will be shown right there on your screen. It’s a simple math calculator that can have many practical uses. So, you can start using it without any kind of concerns whatsoever.

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