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The Ohms law calculator here can be used for calculating all the values that are part of the Ohm's law equations. It is quite simple and straight forward calculator that you can use for the calculation of Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power.

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Ohms Law Calculator - Calculatorall.com
What Is Ohm's Law?

It is a law that relates voltage difference in two points, electric current that flows between those two points, and any resistance that comes in the way of current. Mathematically, Ohm’s law says V = IR. Here V refers to Voltage difference, I refers to Current that is represented in amperes, and R refers to Resistance that is represented in ohms.

How Ohm's Law Is Calculated?

According to Ohm's Law, resistance in ohms equals voltage in volts divided by current in amps. As we know, current is actually set by values of resistance and voltage so the formula for Ohm's law shows that if voltage is increased current will also increase.

Let's take a look at Ohm's Law equations:

V = IR
R = V/I
I = V/R
P = VI
P = V2/R
P = I2*R


V: Voltage
R: Resistance
I: Current
P: Power

How Ohms Law Calculator Works?

If you are just getting acquainted to this Ohms law calculator, it's simple and straightforward way of calculating the results. The calculator requires you to enter any two of the four values involved in Ohm's law equations and it gives you the values for the other two. You have Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power fields on the calculator page and you have to enter any two of these values that are known to you for calculating the rest. Make sure that you have chosen the appropriate units for each of these values from the list. Now, just click on the calculate button and the calculator will display results for the unknown values.

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