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This mileage calculator is a handy tool for calculating driving mileages between two given locations. It not just gives you the number of miles that you have to travel for getting to the destination but also shows you the directions on Google Maps to reach to your destination safe and sound.

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Mileage calculator

What Is Mileage?

Mileage is the term used for the number of miles. Typically, mileage refers to gas mileage which is the number of miles that a vehicle can travel in a given volume of fuel. However, in case of this mileage calculator we are only looking at the number of miles between two places. In case of gas mileage, the focus is usually on the gas volume consumed for travelling through a given number of miles. And, it is basically used for finding out how long you can go on your vehicle with a certain volume of fuel or how much fuel will be needed to reach your destination which is 'x' miles away, for instance. The mileage of a vehicle helps you find out the answer to these questions.

But here, mileage is referring to the distance between location A and location B. It just tells you how much you have to travel for getting to location B if you start at location A.

How This Calculator Works?

The mileage calculator here is pretty simple to work with. All you need to know is the two locations i.e. your starting point and your ending point. You have to put the names of both these locations in the designated fields for each and hit the 'Get Route' button. The calculator will perform the calculations and will give you the number of miles that you'll have to travel to get to your destination. Besides, it uses Google Maps to give you directions and the best route to get there as well. So, if you haven't been there before and don't know which route to take, this calculator here can help you with turn-by-turn directions and will ultimately get you to the destination.

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