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This lean body mass calculator can be used for computing an individual's LBM depending on their body weight, gender, age and height. In order to allow you to perform comparisons, the calculator even gives you results calculated according to different formulas.

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What Is Lean Body Mass?

The lean body mass, basically, refers to the portion of our body composition which is the difference of our total weight of the body and total weight of the fat. While LBM percentage is not calculated normally, it refers to complement of percentage of our total body fat. On average the LBM ranges anywhere between 60-90 percent of total weight of our body. Typically, men tend to have a higher LBM proportion as compared to women. Also, dosages of a few anesthetic agents, especially the drugs that are water-soluble, are based on lean body mass. Several formulas exist for calculation of estimated LBM and this lean body mass calculator uses three different formulas for the calculation of LBM in adults. You can rely on any of the three formulas and decide what your lean body mass is.

Boer Formula:

For Men:

eLBM = 0.407*weight + 0.267*height - 19.2

For Women:

eLBM = 0.252*weight + 0.473*height - 48.3

The Hume Formula:

For Men: eLBM = 0.32810*weight + 0.33929*height - 29.5336

For Women:

eLBM = 0.29569*weight + 0.41813*height - 43.2933

The James Formula:

For Men:

eLBM = 1.1*weight + 128*(Weight/Height)2

For Woman:

eLBM = 1.07*weight - 148*(Weight/Height)2

Boer Formula:

As mentioned earlier, the lean body mass calculator here can calculate LBM according to all the three formulas mentioned above. And as those formulas are meant for adult males and females so this LBM calculator can be used effectively only for calculating LBM of adults. And for that, the lean body mass calculator requires you to provide details about a few basic variables that include age, sex, height and weight. It is possible for you to select either US unit or Metric unit for height and weight and the calculations will be performed accordingly. The calculation results will also vary according to the selected units.

So, once you have provided the details mentioned above, just hit the calculate button and the lean body mass calculator will show you the results according to all the formulas that are mentioned above. Either use the results for comparison or rely on any one of them to determine your lean body mass. If you're a body builder you can use this lean body mass calculator for keeping track of your efforts. Obviously, your goal would be to drop your weight while keeping the LBM same. To put it differently, you'd want to drop the percentage of fat in your body. Use the calculator to determine what your lean body mass should be according to your age, weight and height. Determine the fat percentage in your body and find out what your lean body mass is and whether or not it is according to the preferred LBM as suggested by any given formula used in lean body mass calculator.

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