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The IP subnet calculator allows you to calculate the subnets for your IP addresses. It works for both the IP V6 and IP V4 IP addresses and gives quite a few details along with the subnet mask for the desired IP address.

IPv6 Subnet Calculator

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IPv4 Subnet Calculator

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IP Subnet Calculator - Calculatorall.com

What Is A Subnet?

Subnets are a way of dividing networks into several different networks. Traffic exchange between different subnets takes place with the help of routers that serve as boundaries for each subnet. Each of the connected devices is assigned a unique IP address within the subnet. IP addresses, basically, combine two different information sets. These include a routing prefix or network and host identifier or rest field.

Usually, CIDR notation is used for representing routing prefix that serves as first address for the subnet. After the routing prefix, there is a '/' and prefix's bit-length. For instance, refers to a subnet which starts with subnet address and the address specifies that network prefix can take 24 bits. As there are a total of 32 bits in IP V4 addresses, the 8 bits that are left behind are reserved to hosting addressing. When it comes to IP V6 we have 128 bits in total.

How This IP Subnet Calculator Works?

As mentioned earlier, the IP subnet calculator here works for calculating subnets for both the IP V6 and IP V4 addresses. The IP V6 subnet calculator requires you to enter the prefix length and the IP address to perform the calculation. As a result it gives you the full IP address, network address and IP Range.

The second calculator allows you to calculate subnet for IP V4 addresses. Here you have to specify the Network class, subnet with number of bits at the end and IP address. Hit the calculate button and there will be a complete table shown to you with all the information that you might be looking for. The result includes Usable Host IP Range, Broadcast Address, total number of hosts, total usable hosts, subnet and wild card masks, binary subnet mask, and IP type among other things.

So, if you have to find out any of the above mentioned information about any type of IP addresses, use this IP subnet calculator and get the most accurate results.

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