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This heat index calculator can be used for calculating the heat index temperature given the values of air temperature and relative humidity.

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Heat Index Calculator - Calculatorall.com

The humidex temperature or heat index refers to temperature that our skin feels instead of actual temperature only because of humidity level. Hot temperatures cause human body to sweat naturally and sweat evaporation removes the heat. However, the rate at which this evaporation happens can be affected by humidity level which, in turn, affects the rate at which heat is removed as well as the temperate felt by the skin. Contrarily, wind tends to take heat away from the body. This makes the body to feel lower temperature as compared to actual temperature on windy winter days.

Heat index calculator actually pulls together humidity and heat and measures the exact hotness or wetness of a given day. It can tell exactly what kind of feel the climate is giving you. It is often called as 'apparent temperature' too.

Apparent temperature's effects on the way you feel may have some medical significance as well. When it's wet and hot, it hinders perspiration as even though you perspire, the sweat does not evaporate out of your body. Sweating, basically, cools your body down and when sweat isn't evaporating your body temperature doesn't come down. So, heat can get you sick.

So, you should take care of yourself when in the humid conditions so as to avoid dehydration and overheating. That's particularly so for children. Both these conditions can affect young children more and there can be several reasons for that. They usually have bigger skin surface in relevance to the small bodies and this makes them to absorb greater amount of heat from sun as well as air. When exercising, their body produces more amount of heat. And, as they do not sweat that much, their bodies do not cool down too. Besides, they're always more focused on their physical activities and can't realize that they have to rest, drink liquids and cool off.

So, if the heat index in your area is greater, ensure that your child is hydrated enough before and after any outdoor activities. Starting around half an hour prior to the activity, give your child 4-8 oz of liquid to drink. Have your child to take breaks during the outdoor activities after every twenty minutes for drinking liquids. The quantity here should be 4oz for kids and 8oz for teenagers. They shouldn't wait to get thirsty as that's one of late signs of getting dehydrated.

But before all that, you need to find heat index through this heat index calculator here to find out what kind of hydration you or your child needs. The calculator requires you to enter air temperature in Fahrenheit, Kelvin or Celsius and the relative humidity percentage to determine heat index temperature. It shows the result in all three units mentioned above.

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