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This grade calculator can be used for calculating final grade or weighted average grade. Besides, it can be used as your grade planning chart as well. Your grades can be specified both as alphabets and numbers. However, weight fields must be filled with numeric values.

  Assignment or Test (optional) Grade Weight
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What Grades Are Acceptable?

This grade calculator accepts numerical grade values and classic five-point grade values as well. Here is how each of the 5 grades are translated into grade points.

A+ equals 4.3 GP
A equals 4 GP
A- equals 3.7 GP
B+ equals 3.3 GP
B equals 3 GP
B- equals 2.7 GP
C+ equals 2.3 GP
C equals 2 grade GP
C- equals 1.7 GP
D+ equals 1.3 GP
D equals 1 GP
D- equals 0.7 GP
F equals 0 GP

Grade Calculator -

What Grades Are Acceptable?

It is often hard to for the students to determine how tests and papers are graded by the professors. Well, professors don't need much time for evaluating a student's grades. According to some educational studies, most of the college teachers don't spend beyond just 10 minutes while grading a paper.

And, if you're wondering how that is possible, the answer is that they have enough experience in grading the students who get enrolled in whatever courses they teach. So, when you’re grading around 50-70 papers every week and the process goes on for months and years, you have pretty good idea of what you can expect.

How This Grade Calculator Works?

This grade calculator helps you to calculate your final grade by providing details of up to 10 courses that you might have taken. For each course, there is the option to enter the name of the test or assignment, the grade you have taken and the weight of that grade in your final grade calculator. For instance, if you are calculating the final grade for three courses you have to specify how much weight each of these courses carry. The weights have to be entered in percentage and the total percentage for weights of all the courses must be equal to 100. However, the grade calculator will give you the result even if this sum isn't 100 while it considers there is some other course still to be used in the calculation.

Once you hit the calculate button after entering all the values required, the calculator displays a table in which each course's contribution to final grade is mentioned. It basically works by multiplying the grade points for that course with its weight percentage. Finally, all these contributions are added to give you the final grade. Besides, the grade calculator also shows the average grade based on your input values as well.

So, use this grade calculator effectively for calculating your final grade based on the Grade Point values for each course. Also calculate your grade point average to find out how you are performing overall. In fact, the calculator can also be used by teachers for calculating these values for their students as well.

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