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This GPA calculator can be used for calculating your individual GPA score. You have to enter your credits and scores for each class to calculate your GPA with this GPA calculator

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What Is GPA?

GPA, also referred to as Grade Point Average, in the indicator of one's achievements in school. Basically, it's the average of all your grades that you have achieved in different courses while taking into account course credit as well. With different grading systems being implemented in different parts of the world, this GPA calculator considers both numerical and classical five point grading systems. Let's take a look at what each score in classical system translates into

A+ equals 4.3 GP
A equals 4 GP
A- equals 3.7 GP
B+ equals 3.3 GP
B equals 3 GP
B- equals 2.7 GP
C+ equals 2.3 GP
C equals 2 GP
C- equals 1.7 GP
D+ equals 1.3 GP
D equals 1 GP
D- equals 0.7 GP
F equals 0 GP
P, NP, I, W will be ignored.

This grading system is used in most of the institutes across the US.

What You Can Do To Raise The GPA?

It doesn't really take a genius for having high GPA and it can be achieved even by giving regular time to your studies. Here is how you can get higher GPA.

Do Not Skip Classes

If you have a habit of skipping classes then you shouldn't really do that. When you skip classes regularly, it means that you're missing out on opportunities. The questions students raise in the class and explanations given by teachers can really impact your tests big time. And, when you interact with your professor, it increases your knowledge in the subject.

Participate In Class

Participation in class is important. The simple reason is that when you participate actively in your classes, it engages you better in subject matter. You don't just read about a subject but follow professional logic development actively. Anything that you find hard or confusing is clarified right away.

Make Your Study Strategy

That's where many students lack. Everyone has their own style of learning. Some like working in long hours to get things finished in one go and then have fun. Others can only absorb very little in one session and like to learn with breaks. So, if you want to make best use of the time you spend studying, you really need to employ a proper study strategy that not just complements your specific schedule but also the learning style you follow. Employing a proper strategy will ensure that you get maximum output from your time.

How GPA Calculator Works?

Let's get on with how you can use this GPA calculator. Well, it works for 10 courses at a time and requires you to input three values for each course that you want to include in your GPA calculation. First thing you have to enter is the course name but it is optional and you can skip it if you want to. Next, you have to enter your credit and score in each of the subjects. Both these values are mandatory and you have to provide them accurately for the calculator to work. Credit is a numerical value while score is an alphabetic grade that you have achieved in the subject.

Once you have provided these values for all the subjects that you want to use in the calculation of the GPA, hit the calculate button. As soon as you do that, the GPA calculator will show the results in the form of a table that will not just show your entered values but will also show your Grade Points in each subject. On the bottom two rows of the table, you can see the Total for each column and your GPA.

So, the GPA calculator here is not so hard to work with. You just need to provide numbers for each course and your result will be calculated with a click of a button.

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