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GFR stands for Glomerular filtration rate and this GFR calculator allows you to estimate the GFR values depending on the values of Serum creatinine, age, gender, race, etc. The flexibility of this calculator is such that you are provided the results obtained from three different popular formulas.

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Serum creatinine (SCr)

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Serum creatinine (SCr)
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What Is A GFR?

GFR is, basically, the amount of liquid that your kidney's glomerular capillaries filter into Bowman's capsule during a particular time period. It's the measurement of substance quantity in urine which originated from calculable blood volume.

You can measure GFR accurately by doing a comparison of ingredient in blood and in urine. You can also calculate it using formulas depending on the result of your blood test. Practically, creatinine clearance as per level of serum creatinine is used for estimating GFR. As for creatinine, it's a product obtained by breaking down creatine phosphate that is present in muscle.

There are still some limitations on creatinine estimates obtained by the GFR calculator. The formulas used for calculating the GFR basically depend on predicted rate of creatinine excretion in 24 hours. Because of different muscle level in human body, same amount of serum creatinine would mean different rental function levels in different people.

Chronic Kidney Diseases

For most of the people, it's enough to have GFR just above 60 mL/min/1.73m2. But if there is a major decline in GFR value from previous result may indicate a kidney disease at an early stage and that some medical intervention is needed. Early diagnosis of kidney dysfunction and proper treatment at the right time gives you a greater chance to preserve your remaining nephrons. This, ultimately, prevents you from requiring dialysis to treat your kidneys.

How This GFR Calculator Works?

There are, basically, two calculators available on this page. The first is used to calculate the GFR for Adults. This one is aimed at people who are, at least, 18 years of age or older. It requires several input values starting from Serum Creatinine - remember to select an appropriate unit - age, gender, and race. Once you enter the input values and hit calculate button, the calculator shows you the GFR result according to three popular formulas. You can compare results for your analysis and rely on one that you deem fit for your use.

The GFR calculator for children requires you to enter values for serum creatinine and height of the individual. Make sure that you select appropriate units for each. Hit the calculate button and the result will be shown right in front of you. Contrary to the calculator for adults, this one shows only one result for GFR value and that's what you have to rely on.

So, use any of the two calculators as per your need and find out desired GFR values with a single click of a button.

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