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Our Future Value Calculator is your solution to calculating future value of a certain investment for given compounding periods, starting principal, interest/yield rate, and the periodic deposit payment for each period. If you're not well versed with the concept of Future Value yet then let's get into some details.

N of Periods
Start Principal
I/Y (Interest) %
Periodic Deposit (PMT)
PMT made at the beginning end of each compound period

Future Value Calculator - Calculatorall.com

What Are FHA Loans?

You can use a Future Value Calculator for finding out FV in finance. FV simply translates into the amount of money that we can expect by investing a certain present sum of cash for a given period of time at a specific rate. Usually cash in the savings accounts increases at compound interest rate which means after some time the initial cash deposited will have different value. Same is the case with hold in bond purchases.

However, savings account can be a classic example for this. Calculating future value with the help of Future Value Calculator tells exactly how much is going to be there in the savings account at certain point in future. The concept can simply be elaborated and understood by using this calculator. Enter $10 principal amount or PV, for instance, and keep I/Y at 6% for 1 year. To keep things simple, ignore PMT at the moment. Hit calculate and you'll see the FV of the entered amount will be $10.60. So, if you will put $10 in your savings account now, it will become $10.60 after one year.

Time Value Of Money

Time Value of Money is a common concept in Finance and it simply means that if you lend some cash to someone or put it in a savings account for a specific period of time then you'd want something in return for keeping your money bound with them. And, after some time, you will get the amount increased at a certain rate.

So, use our Future Value Calculator to determine what you will have in future after investing a certain amount in some savings account, for instance. The calculator also allows you to take into account the periodic deposit payments. So, try it out.

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