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A major multiplication concept is that of Factors. The factors, basically, are integers which are multiplied to each other for finding integers. For instance, in 2*15 = 30, 2 and 15 are factors of the number 30. 1 and 30 are also factors of the same number. Now, to define factors, we can say that the integer a would be the factor of integer b as long as dividing b with a doesn't leave any remainder behind. Factors prove to be important when we're working with the fractions, and also when we're looking to find the patterns within some numbers. Our factors calculator helps you in finding out factors of any given number.

Please provide a integer to calculate its factors and prime factors.

Prime Factorization

The concept of prime factorization, basically, deals with finding out prime numbers which return a particular number under consideration when multiplied with each other. For instance, if you do the prime factorization on 120, the factors calculator will yield 2*2*2*3*5. Using factor trees can prove to be helpful in the computation of prime factors of certain numbers. In case of 120, it would look like:

 /   \
2   60
    /   \
   2   30
       /   \
      2   15
          /   \
         3    5
It's clear from the above example that finding prime factors of numbers can turn out to be a tedious process, especially, in case of big numbers. To be unfortunate, there isn't any prime factorization algorithm available today that would provide efficient results for the large numbers. Many calculators are out there, including this factors calculator, that can't have limited scope when it comes to calculating prime factorizations.

Even though no algorithm could be developed for efficiently calculating the results of prime factorizations, it would be wrong to say that no such algo exists. There may be something that is yet to be discovered.

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How It Works

Our factors calculator only requires you to enter the number for which you have to find the prime factors. As you will click the calculate button, the results will show below. These results will first show you all the factors of the number you have entered and then just below that you will see all the prime factors for that number in question. Again, it is important to mention that the scope of this calculator is limited and it won't show you the accurate results for very large numbers. However, as far as smaller numbers are concerned, it works just fine and you can use it without any doubts.

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