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This dew point calculator can be your effective tool to calculate the relative humidity value based on a couple of temperature values. cir

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Dew Point Calculator -
What Is Due Point?

When you get up in the morning early and go for a morning walk, you often get to see water droplets condensed on flowers and everywhere else around. These droplets are usually referred to as "Dew". As for the dew point, it's actually the temperature at which the vapors in air are condensed to liquid form under some constant value of barometric pressure. We can say that dew point refers to water-to-air saturation temperature. The temperature relates closely to relative humidity as well and can be a good source of calculating that value as well. The higher the relative humidity goes, the closer dew point gets to current temperature of the air. When relative humidity value is 100 percent, it means dew point temperature is same as current temperature.

In summers, our body cools itself down by evaporating sweat. The evaporation is suppressed by the higher value of relative humidity or dew point. That makes the body to start feeling some discomfort. Contrary to this, when the dew point or relative humidity is lower, it can result in cracking of the skin and it can easily get irritated. Usually, the relative humidity values between 30-50 percent are considered in the comfort zone. This simply means dew point temperature at ~60 degrees Fahrenheit (or 16 degrees Celsius) in summer.

Independent of the temperature, dew point tells you the amount of humidity in the air at a particular barometric pressure. On the other hand, relative humidity relies heavily on temperature. Keeping the value for relative humidity same, how much water is present in air will vary at different temperatures. Probably, that's the reason why airplane pilots use dew point for the estimation of how likely fog and carburetor icing would be. Besides, they also use it to determine the height of cloud base.

Dew point values are usually measured with the help of a device referred to as dew point meter. This device serves as dew point calculator and is capable of measuring dew point values at wide ranging temperatures. They use a polished mirror made of metal in the process. This metal mirror is cooled while passing the air over it to determine the dew point.

By definition, dew point is the temperature where dew is formed. Manual dew point meters might well be used for calibrating other kinds of the humidity sensor, while automatic sensors can be used with humidifier or a dehumidifier in control loop for controlling dew point in a small space or building for manufacturing process.

How Dew Point Calculator Works?

The working of this dew point calculator is simple. It can accept three values as input and you can provide any two of them to calculate the third using this calculator. The input values used by the calculator include air temperature, dew point temperature and relative humidity. As mentioned earlier, if you know any two of these, the calculator will give you the third as a resultant. Make sure that you enter temperature values with correct unit so that the accurate results can be obtained.

So, use this dew point calculator and get reliable results for air temperature, dew point temperature or relative humidity.