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This conception calculator can be used for assessing conception windows as well as corresponding due dates according to your biological cycles. The term conception, basically, refers to the pregnancy initiation, which is when sperm and egg combine. Normally, it happens in the uterine tube's ampulla. When conception happens outside of the body, the process is referred to as in vitro fertilization. If conception takes place through sexual intercourse, man's sperm usually live inside the woman for 3-5 days, or even up to 7 days sometimes. But mobility of the sperm tends to decrease after 3 days. Also, best time for getting pregnant is in that 3-day window, or 2 days prior to your ovulation day.

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What Is Fertility Window?

Fertility window actually refers to one scientific fact that your best chance of getting pregnant is in 3-day window, or 2 days prior to your ovulation day. However, there's a lot bigger process to look at.

Love & Childbearing

Desire of having a child is actually drive by the love you have for your spouse and also for your child who you'll watch growing up. So, it is important that you have regular sex when looking to have a child as this would be your best possible preparation. Keep making love around 2-3 times every week, even when you're not really sure of your fertility or the ovulation day.

When you make love regularly, it prepares the body of the woman for childbearing. Besides, it also raises her associated hormonal levels as well. Low fertility is often associated directly with the lowered sexuality feelings. Your relationships and lifestyle all enhance your conception chances.

Regular sex also makes the conditions inside the vagina more favorable. Presence of the fertile-quality cervical mucus is a source of fostering fertility. In addition, favorable conditions inside the vagina will be helpful in the protection of sperm as well as increasing sperm life span. Besides, fertile cervical fluids must extend fertile window as well by creating 'sperm-friendly' environment inside the vagina.

How You Can Make Fertility Window To Work In Your Favor?

Regardless of what the conception calculator tells you, it is possible to make your fertility window work for you. When you achieve a regular pattern of lovemaking, next you have to identify those few days that fall immediately before, and including your ovulation day. Once you are able to identify the window, your conception chances will certainly boost to a significant extent.

It means you have to track your biological cycle. An effective option you have is to use this conception calculator for that. Note down when the last period started. After that, note down the cycle length to next period. Once you have this data, just enter the numbers in this calculator and you will get your best days for the intercourse as well as conception.

In order to make the process go more perfectly, it is a good idea to prepare your chart for the basal body temperature. Keeping track of the cervical mucus and basal body temperature can be helpful in getting you pregnant. The patterns that are observed every month can be helpful in the prediction of ovulation - and when you know exactly when you'll be ovulating, you can go for an intercourse at best possible time for you to conceive.

The basal body temperature refers to the lowest temperature of your body in a given 24 hour period. In order to get the most accurate reading, take the temperature in morning as you wake up - before even sitting up in the bed. Also, use basal thermometer for that as it is sensitive enough for measuring minute changes taking place in your body temperature. Just try to make sure that you take readings around same time every morning. Before you ovulate, the basal temperature of your body remains in the normal range that is 97.2 - 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple of days after ovulation, temperature will see a hike by almost 1/2 to 1 degree and will remain there until the period starts.

So, keep track of these things and use the conception calculator here to make sure that you know when exactly you are more likely to conceive. When you are trying everything and still not conceiving, the process can turn out to be quite stressful for you. But tracking these simple indicators and using the conception calculator together can help you get out of these stressful days quite easily. In fact, there is no need to feel the stress and you should continue doing what you can.

Following your feeling about when you can conceive may also make it easier. Or, use this conception calculator and continue having sex every 2 days to increase your chances of conceiving.

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