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This body type calculator is actually designed specifically for the females for determining their body shape depending on their bust, hip (BWH) circumference and waist measurements. One thing to keep in mind here is that the body type calculator here gives results for only four female body shapes that are the most common ones. Also, these calculations are based around societal standards which were developed around height of civil rights movement during 1960s. Also note that the 'ideal body shape' is largely arbitrary and this calculator here isn't intended to offer any serious health indications or suggest any ideals that you must meet.

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Most Common Types Of Female Bodies

Before, getting into the details of what this body shape calculator does and how it works, let's take a look at some of the most common types of female bodies around.

1. Apple (Downwards Triangle) - It describes females with broader shoulders as well as bust as compared to their hips.
2. Banana Shape (Rectangular) - It describes females whose waist measurements are typically less than nine inches smaller compared to their bust or hip measurements.
3. Pear, Bell Or Spoon (Upwards Triangle) - It describes females having hip measurements that are greater as compared the bust measurements they have.
4. Hourglass Shape (Opposing Triangles - Facing Inwards) - It is considered as an ideal body shape and describes females having almost equal bust and hip measurement while their waist measurement is narrower.

A study conducted on more than six thousand women revealed that around 46% women in the test group had banana body shape, just above 20% of them had pear shape, just below 14% of them had apple shape and just 8% of them had the ideal hourglass shape.

Body Type Calculator -

How This Body Type Calculator Works?

The body type calculator here is as simple as you'd like. It requires only a few measurements of your body to tell you what type you have got. All you have to do is to enter the bust size, hip size and the waist size. The measurements can be entered in both centimeters and inches, whatever you're comfortable with. The unit, however, has to be selected from the list right in front of each measurement. So, once you have entered the measurements and selected an appropriate unit, just hit the calculate button and this body type calculator will tell you what type of body shape you have got. If not the ideal one, you can start working your way to an ideal body. But if you're already somewhere near ideal, probably there is no need to do anything at all.

So, use this body type calculator to determine what body shape you are. The results are accurate and you can rely on them. However, as mentioned earlier, you can't use the results as any serious health indications because this calculator is not targeted at anything like that. Just use it to determine your body shape and find out whether you're an apple, a banana, a pear or an hourglass. It's real fun to find out!

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