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You can use this body fat calculator for estimating the total fat in your body depending on particular measurements that you have to provide as input.

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How Our Circle Calculator Works?

Scientifically speaking, body fat is referred to as 'adipose tissue'. There are quite a few important functions that this tissue has to serve. The primary purpose, however, is storing lipids using which energy is created by the body. Furthermore, the tissue secretes several important hormones in the body and also offers insulation and cushioning as well.

When we say body fat, it refers to both storage and essential body fat. Essential fat is the base level which is present in most of the body parts. It's the necessary fat which maintains reproductive and life functions. Men and women have different amounts of this essential fat and usually it is somewhere around 2% to 5% in men while in women it is around 10% to 13%. As for the body fat, healthy range in men is around 8% to 19% whereas in women it is anywhere between 21% and 33%. While excessive body fat may lead to some detrimental effects for the person's health, if you have insufficient amount of body fat then it may affect your health negatively as well.

Body Fat Calculator -

The fat that accumulates inside adipose tissue is called storage fat, it could be subcutaneous fat or visceral fat, and when we say body fat it usually refers to such fat. While it is ideal to have some storage fat but if it exceeds an acceptable amount then it will have negative impacts on your bodily health.

When you have excess amounts of body fat, you start getting overweight and, eventually, it leads to obesity unless you use an effective body fat calculator for the calculations and for curbing the excessive amounts of body fat. It should be kept in mind, however, that if you are overweight it doesn't necessarily mean you have excessive amounts of body fat in your body. Your body weight is actually a combination of several factors like muscle, body fat, water and bone density. So, if you are muscular, you may also be classified in the overweight category.

The rate of body fat accumulation also differs from one person to another. It also depends on quite a few different factors including the genetic ones and the behavioral ones like excessive intake of food and not enough exercise. As the factors contributing to the body fat accumulation vary, some people find it more difficult to reduce their body fat that is stored in abdominal region. But doing proper exercise and managing your diet can help with stored fat reduction. It should also be noted here that both men and women store this type of fat differently. It also changes with the passage of time as well. Once you cross 40 (or when menopause starts in women), reduction in sexual hormones may result in excessive body fat near stomach area in men, and around thighs and buttocks in women.

How This Body Fat Calculator Works?

In order to make sure that this body fat calculator works fine, make sure that you select the right unit system first. After selecting the appropriate unit system, select your gender and then enter all the measurements including your height, next girth, waist and hips. Once you have accurately entered these measurements click on the submit button and the calculator will do the calculations and show you the percentage of body fat you have in your body.

So, use this body fat calculator and determine how healthy you are. If the percentage shows deviation from the normal values then start taking appropriate measures to bring things back to normal.

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