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This army body fat calculator follows the Medical Fitness standards of US Army Regulations and is updated according to the latest standards. The calculator can be used for determining percentage of body fat and tells whether or not the calculated percentage complies with the recruitment standards of the US Army. It also takes into account Department of Defense goal for body fat percentage as well. For making sure that you have the most accurate results, it is advised to use average body fat percentage for past three months.

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What Is Appropriate Body Fat?

The appropriate body fat is actually amongst the important requirements for medial fitness to join US Army and stay in it. The requirements for body fat are released by Department of Defense regularly with a break of few years as part of their Medical Fitness Standards. Keeping your body fat true to these standards set by the department means that you have appropriate body fat and are eligible for selection in the US Army.

The goal set by the Department of Defense requires 18% fat for males while the requirement for females is 26%.

Army Body Fat Calculator -

What If Body Fat Requirements Are Met Initially?

Once the initial body fat requirements are met, the body fat of a person is measured periodically. And, anyone who doesn't meet these requirements is put on a weight loss program as a mandatory requirement and might also be subjected to some administrative sanctions. So, it is always best to use an army body fat calculator in order to keep a check on appropriate body fat levels.

As per Medical Fitness standards, the measurement of body fat is done according to the subject's physical size that includes their neck, height and the waist size. However, if the subject is a woman, the physical size measurement includes height, neck, hip and waist size. As these measurements are taken, it is important for the subject to stand in an upright position while the arms must rest on the sides. Measurement of neck should be taken at the point right below larynx whereas the waist measurements must be done either at minimum circumference point or somewhere close to belly button. On the contrary, the hip should be measured at the widest point.

How This Army Body Fat Calculator Works?

As the standards are different for men and women, this army body fat calculator works differently for measuring body fat for each gender. In fact, you have to explicitly specify to the calculator as to which gender you want to calculate the army body fat for. Besides selecting the gender, you have to provide quite a few input values to the calculator. These include your age, height, neck, and waist (abdomen). The height, neck and waist measurements should be entered in feet and inches.

After entering all the input values, hit the calculate button on army body fat calculator. The calculator performs the calculations and shows you the percentage of your body fat. Besides, the calculator tells you whether or not you meet the Department of Defense goal or not.

So, use the army body fat calculator to make sure that you keep your body fat levels in accordance with the US Army standards. Use it regularly to keep yourself on right track and maintain your body fat at optimum levels.

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