Anorexic BMI Calculator -

This anorexic BMI calculator helps you find out what your BMI is and whether it is an Anorexic BMI or not.

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Anorexic BMI Calculator -

This anorexic BMI calculator helps you find out what your BMI is and whether it is an Anorexic BMI or not. What Is Anorexia?

Anorexia, also known as Anorexia Nervosa, is the eating disorder that is characterized by distortion of the body image perception, lower body weight, and obsessive fear pertaining to weight gain. This disorder affects the adult females who are aged between 16 and 26 years. It is way less common in males with just 10 percent of the anorexic patients being males. Those who suffer anorexia usually apply different methods for controlling their body weight. These include voluntary starvation and excessive exercise among different other measures for weight control like diuretics or diet pills. There isn't any single test which can diagnose anorexia; rather it is normally associated with several conditions of mental health like anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression and all these things must be considered will diagnosing anorexia. Mental health tests, physical assessments, and blood tests all should be taken into consideration along with standardized indices, such as BMI, for the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa.

As said earlier, diagnosing anorexia needs several approaches and one of these approaches is used by this anorexic BMI calculator. BMI in adults that falls under 17.5 is a commonly used physical characteristic for the diagnosis of anorexia. Besides, anorexia can be classified into several tiers depending on the BMI ranges. Anorexia is mild when the BMI falls under 17.5, it is moderate when BMI falls between 16 to 16.99, it gets severe when BMI is in the range 15-15.99 while if BMI is below 15 then it refers to extreme anorexia. When BMI falls below 13.5, it may result in organ failure and it may even threaten your life if it goes under 12.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that only BMI isn't enough for diagnosing anorexia and it is just one of the many indicators. For determining Anorexia related BMI level, an anorexic BMI calculator can be helpful as these calculators suggest whether your BMI falls in any of the above mentioned BMI ranges or not. So, you can use one to find out if your BMI is indicating anorexia and you need to pay attention or not.

Anorexic BMI Calculator -

How This Anorexic BMI Calculator Works?

This anorexic BMI calculator is pretty simple and works with a handful of input values. All you have to provide to this calculator is your age, sex, weight and height. Both height and weight can be mentioned in US or Metric unit. So, you have to select which unit you want to use at the top of the calculator. Once all the values have been specified, hit the calculate button and let the calculator perform its calculations and present the result instantly.

The result shows you the BMI value for your weight and height measurements that you have provided. Remember that this BMI is calculated by taking into account your age and gender, and not solely your height and weight measurements. Besides, telling your BMI, the anorexic BMI calculator also specifies the normal BMI range and tells you whether your BMI indicates anorexia or not.

So, this anorexic BMI calculator can't just be used for determining whether you are potentially anorexic or not, but it can also tell you the BMI. The calculator also tells you whether or not it is in the normal range. In fact, it works same like the BMI calculator and the only thing it adds on is the suggestion about Anorexia. You can use this calculator with BMI calculator alternatively but if you're looking to determine your BMI in relation to anorexia then this calculator provides you exactly what you need.

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