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This conversion calculator can be used for making the most common unit conversions. The calculator allows unit conversion for all the commonly used variables like temperature, length, area, volume, time and weight.


Conversion Calculator -

Why Conversion Is Needed Between Different Units?

There are different units for weight and distance being used in different parts of the world. Different systems evolved over time in different parts of the world for the same measurements. For instance, weight is measured in ounces and pounds in the UK and the US and the history of these units dates long back. So, with several different units being used for the same measurements, a conversion may be needed at some point in time in different applications. Now, that's where a conversion calculator can come in handy. All you have to do is to put the number in the calculator and select the current unit and the one you want to convert the value to in order to perform the calculation.

How This Conversion Calculator Works?

As mentioned earlier, the conversion calculator allows unit conversion for six different variables. For each of these variables there is a list of possible units and any given value can be converted to the equivalent in the chosen unit for the same measurement. Let's find out what options are available for each of these measurements.

First, there is the length converter. This length conversion calculator can be used for converting any length into 11 different units. Some of them include square meter, square kilometer, square centimeter, hectare, acre, square foot, square yard and square inch. Enter a value in the 'From' box and select an appropriate unit in which the value is currently represented and then below the 'To' box select a unit in which the value has to be converted. The value can be in any of the above mentioned units and you can convert it into any other from the list.

Next is the temperature unit convertor. It is a rather simple calculator. It covers three units of temperature i.e. Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. The conversion process is the same as above.

Then there is area conversion calculator. The units that can be converted using this calculator are the same as in length calculator. Any of those 11 units can be converted to the other using this calculator for any given area value.

Next, we have the volume convertor. This one is even more comprehensive and allows conversion between 23 units used for volume. Some of them include cubic meter, cubic kilometer, cubic centimeter, liter, milliliter, US gallon, US quart, US pint, US fluid ounce, imperial gallon, imperial quart, imperial pint, cubic mile, cubic yard and cubic foot. Again, the same conversion process applies as with above mentioned calculators.

The next conversion calculator allows for weight conversion. There are 10 different units available for conversion of weight. The most common of them include kilogram, gram, carat, metric ton, long ton, short ton, pound and ounce. Conversion process remains unchanged here as well.

Finally, there is the calculator for Time conversion. It allows for conversion between 11 different units including second, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, minute, hour, day, month and year. Same process of conversion applies.

So, use a conversion calculator as you need from the above list. Each of these provide the most accurate conversions possible.

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